Home/Office Phone $5

Nomad Telecom is providing home and Office phone services at only $ 5 USD. Each number has two channels and unlimited incoming calls. Our numbers (DIDs)  are perfect for home or Office use. Our numbers can also be used by services providers for callback, calling cards, Mobile VOIP, callshops and for broadband phones. More Channels can be ..... Read More

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Voip Defined

VoIP is a set of technologies that transport voice (audio) signals as data through the Internet. Unlike audio streaming which is a one way transmission, VoIP uses bi-directional protocols as all ends should be able to transmit and receive. VoIP has been around for while, however, it wasn't feasible for use for most users due to ..... Read More

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Nomad Telecom is Providing the most affordable and highest quality Virtual Phone numbers (DID) services avaiable anywhere. Virtual phone numbers are normal geographical numbers, which can be used from anywhere, regardless of your physical location and can be called from both land and mobile lines. Virtual numbers can be used by anyone who has acce..... Read More

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