Nomad Mobile Dialer

Nomad Mobile is a VoIP client for all the different Mobiles phones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian platforms and others.
Nomadtel Mobile dialers allow you to call from your mobile phone using VoIP when Internet access is available, providing great savings as you will not be using the mobile phone network. It is designed to run on all the different versions of mobile phones and with some PDAs.

Note: Use these Mobile Dialers below where VOIP (Voice Over IP) is not blocked. If your VOIP is blocked or restricted by your ISP in your area use VPN Mobile Dialers

How to install:

1.Download the dialer that corresponds to your Mobile phone
2.Install the dialer
3.When prompted, enter Brand Pin :1385. The operator code is required only the first time and it will be saved after that.
4. Enter your password and username.
5. Make sure that you use a retail account with g729 codec and that it is from our mew switch. This dialer will not work with our old switch.
5.Make calls or receive calls if you have a DID

Download Nomadtel Mobile Dialer VoIP client for
iPhone Android Symbian BlackBerry BlackBerry OS7