About Us

Nomad Telecom is a VoIP and telecommunication services provider. We are dedicated to providing world class services at affordable rates and with exceptional quality.

Our track record demonstrates that an affordable service does not have to be low quality. To ensure that calls are connected with top voice quality and at the lowest delay, we are interconnected with the world’s top tier1 carriers. We use state of the art modern equipments as well as a network designed to optimize voice quality. Because we understand that every single call is important to our customers, we made sure that calls flow seamlessly from your end point to their destination.

We know that even the best technology infrastructure would be useless without a proper human support behind it, so at Nomad Telecom, you will always find someone available to assist you and help you sort out any issues, as we think of our customers as the most important asset in our company.

“Ideal and
affordable communication”