Welcome to Nomad Telecom

Welcome to Nomad Telecom. We are time tested reliable VOIP services provider. We have shaped our services to suit the needs of the wholesale services providers as well as retail VOIP operators. If you are not already enjoying our services, give us a try and see or hear yourself how we are constantly raising the bar on quality and affordability standards.

Wholesale VOIP Service

We specialize in direct African destinations. The routes that we provide are our own direct in country routes. We are offering highest quality, lowest rates with flexible payment terms and with 24/7 support.

Retail Services

Nomadtel Provides excellent VOIP retail services for the end user, the callshop operator and as well as the needs of the corporate client. We provide tools and apps that will enable you take advantage of our services in a seamless easy to use manner. If you are not sure about which service is right for you, just contact us today. We can assist you and make sure that all your questions are answered.